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Gum Cards

The American cards

Back in the 50s, gum cards were a popular item. While we have "sports" and "non-sport" collectors today, back then the cards were simply called gum cards, and for a very good reason. They came with a slab of gum, which, as I recall, was never particularly tasty. The main reason for plunking down 5 or 10 cents was for the cards.

Baseball cards were probably the biggest draw then and now, but there were plenty of other subjects to chose from. One of my favorite sets is the Zorro set of 88 cards. Taken from color photos of the first 13 episodes, the cards were published by Topps, one of the major card companies at the time.

Each card featured a photo on the front, with a brief description on the back. Unlike many other sets, the photos and text actually match each other, and the text is accurate. All-in-all, this is a great collectible for fans of the Disney version of Zorro. The set has become quite valuable in recent years, and collectors can expect to pay several hundred dollars for a set in good condition.

Zorro Card Checklist - US issues
1 Zorro!
2 Diego the Swordsman
3 Flashing Blades
4 Friendly Enemies
5 Bad News
6 The Evil Scheme
7 Soldier and "Scholar"
8 Garcia's Warning
9 Diego's Homecoming
10 Faithful Bernardo
11 Reign of Terror
12 Diego's Decision
13 Fighter for Justice
14 Ready to Strike
15 Garcia's Choice
16 Garcia Gets a Bath
17 "You Shall Be Free"
18 Surprise Meeting
19 Zorro's Prisoner
20 Diego the Weakling
21 The Question
22 Challenge for Zorro
23 Diego's Defeat
24 Diego Meets "Zorro"
25 The Capitan's Triumph
26 The Hostages
27 "Help Us, Diego"
28 The Execution
29 Full Gallop
30 The Rescue
31 Locked Swords
32 "After Him"
33 Fierce Battle
34 Three Against Zorro
35 Bombarding Soldiers
36 Trapping Zorro
37 Zorro's Victim
38 Unleashed Fury
39 "Stop, Zorro"
40 Flight to Freedom
41 Daring Leap
42 Surrounded!
43 "You Fat Fool!"
44 The Capitan's Demand
45 "I'll Get Torres"
46 Ruthless Plan
47 The Search
48 Cruel Tyrant
49 The Threat
50 "Work, Slave"
51 Merciless Beating
52 Fearful Sight
53 A Ghost Story
54 The Avenger
55 Enter Zorro
56 Weird Noises
57 The Ghost Strikes
58 Forced Rest
59 Storm of Arrows
60 A Father's Shame
61 The Argument
62 Trouble Ahead
63 "Talk, Coward!"
64 Dangerous Mission
65 Saving Alejandro
66 Alejandro's Escape
67 The Clue
68 Sgt. Garcia's Lancers
69 Fight For Life
70 Cruel Sport
71 Zorro's Rage
72 "Mercy Zorro"
73 Alejandro and Zorro
74 Race Against Time
75 The Chase
76 The Fox
77 Quick Change
78 Diego the Troubadour
79 The Capitan's Vow
80 Relaxing with Garcia
81 "Careful Sergeant"
82 Diego's Guests
83 Rude Awakening
84 Zorro and Tornado
85 Rawhide Duel
86 The Blade of Zorro
87 Strange Discovery
88 Man of Mystery

Cards 1-9 Cards 10-18
Cards 19-27 Cards 28-36
Cards 37-45 Cards 46-54
Cards 55-63 Cards 64-72
Cards 73-81 Cards 82-88
Board game 3

Each pack of cards came packaged in a waxed paper wrapper.

Board game 3

The fronts of the cards used color pictures from the show.

Board game 3

The rears of the cards described the scene on the other side.

Board game 3

The cards were shipped to retailers in this case. With no real reason to save one of these boxes in the years before there was serious interest in collecting memorabilia from the show most were discarded, making them very rare today.

The Canadian cards

When I was collecting my set of Zorro cards, I was surprised when one of them arrived in the mail. Instead of the bright colors of the cards I already had, this one looked more like a colorized version of a black-and-white photo. Another change was the lack of a title on the front, for there was only a logo in the corner. The biggest difference, though, was on the rear, for the text was printed in both English and French.

This one card led me on a search for the rest of the set, a task made more complicated by the fact that no one else seemed to know about these cards, and thus couldn't tell me how many cards were in the set. I eventually learned that there were from a company named Parkhurst, and that there are 50 of them in the set.

When I finally assembled a complete set, I found another difference between the American and Canadian sets. Many of the photos were cropped differently, such as this example below. The American card is on the left. These two cards, by the way, shared the same title, but the text was different, as can be seen below. In most cases, the same photo has completely different titles and text.

Comparison of cards

Comparison of cards

Zorro Card Checklist - Canadian issues
1 Tyranny/"Tyrannie"
2 Friendly Swordsmen/Tireurs D'Epee Amicaux
3 Bad News/De Mauvaises Nouvelles
4 Double Identity/Identite Double
5 Bernardo/Bernardo
6 Injustice/Injustice
7 The First Move/Le Premier Coup
8 Spotted/Surpris
9 Alarm/Alarme
10 Break for Freedom/Chance de Liberte
11 The Escape/L'Evasion
12 Aftermath/Les Suites
13 Hostages/En Otage
14 The Weakling/La Mollesse
15 Captured/Capture
16 Saved/Sauve
17 The Escape/L'Evasion
18 Surrounded/Cerne
19 Bombardment/Bombardement
20 Aflame/En Flammes
21 Under Fire/Sous Le Feu
22 Flying Figure/La Forme Volante
23 Encircled/Cerne
24 A Visit to the Mission/Une Visite a la Mission
25 The Evil Plot/Le Complot
26 The Excuse/L'Excuse
27 Cruelty/Cruaute
28 Time for Action/Le Temps D'Agir
29 A Plan/Un Plan
30 The Ghost/Le Fantome
31 Bull's Eye/Faire Mouche
32 Success/Le Succes
33 Uprising/Soulevement
34 Fight to the End/Combat a Mort
35 Too Late/Trop Tard
36 Wounded Alejando/Alejandro Blesse
37 The Hideout/La Cachette
38 Discovered/Decouvert
39 Cat and Mouse/Chat et Souris
40 Mercy/Pitie
41 Disappointment/Deception
42 Friends/Amis
43 Wine/Le Vin
44 False Courage/Faux Courage
45 Tell the Governor/Renseignez le Gouverneur
46 The Awakening/Le Reveil
47 Beginning of the End/Commencement de la Fin
48 The Whipping/Le Fouettage
49 Defeat/La Defaite
50 The End/La Fin

Cards 1-9 Cards 10-18
Cards 19-27 Cards 28-36
Cards 37-45 Cards 46-50

Monty Gum TV-Hits cards

Monty Gum cards

Zorro was one of several series featured in these American cards from the 1960's. The others were Robin Hood, Daktari, Flipper, and Kung Fu. There were 100 cards in the set, with the Zorro cards being numbers 83-100. The cards are small, a bit less than 2x2.75 inches, and have blank cardboard backs without any printing. There is no pattern to the order of the cards, but they are from the Monastario episodes.

Cards 83-90 Cards 91-100

The Belgian cards

I found these three cards on eBay. I don't have any information yet as to the number of cards in the set. If you have any information please let me know.

Belgian cards

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