Zorro Merchandise

Miscellaneous merchandise

Here are all of the items that didn't readily fit into one of the other categories.

Arcade card

These cards were sold through vending machines. This one is from a series of Western stars, publisher unknown. It is the size of a postcard with a blank back.

Arcade card 2

This arcade card was issued by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago. It is the same size as the prior card and also has a blank back.

Board game 3

Remember when school kids would put covers on their text books?

Australian button

This pin-back button is from Australia.

Candy box

What could be better than this? Zorro, candy and a toy all in one neat package. It even has a comic strip on the back! Produced by the Super Candy Novelty Co. Known boxes include the stories "Señor Zorro" and "Ghost of the Mission"

Cigar band

This paper cigar band is from candy or gum cigars - imagine trying to market these today! While this is the first one of these I have seen from Zorro, I do have others from different series.


There were several different Disney character erasers sold in a set. This is the only Zorro one.


Bantam sold three different Zorro flashlights. In addition to the two shown here, a third was designed to be worn on the wrist, and featured three different colors of light.

Gund puppet

This hand puppet was manufactured by Gund. It was also sold in a boxed set with accessories.

SAurora model kit

Modelers could build this plastic copy of Zorro and Tornado. Aurora catalog #801.

Oil painting

This set of four pictures for oil painting was sold by Hassenfeld Bros., which is perhaps better known as Hasbro.

Pencil case

I'm sure this pencil case was a big hit with school kids! From Hasbro.


Who hasn't enjoyed a piece of Pez candy over the years?


This pin is from Walt Disney World, circa 2001. Disney has released several other pins with their characters in Zorro costumes.


Another product from Hasbro. This one allowed you to transfer pre-printed pictures of Zorro onto other surfaces.

Sun Pictures

Pre-printed with images from the series, these Sun Pictures were developed by exposing them to sunlight.

Velvet paintings

This velvet painting kit was from Hasbro, catalog #2821, and was sold in 1966. It contains two pictures.

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