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Here are some different ways to spend your time while waiting for the next episode of Zorro to air.

Board game 3

This game was released by Whitman in 1958.

Board game 3

Whitman reissued the game in 1965 but with a different box design.

Board game 3

Parker Brothers also released a board game in 1966.

Board game 4

Chad Valley released this game in the United Kingdom in 1958.


These molded plastic sheets could be cut out and posed. The Zorro sheets were available both in a set with Mickey Mouse Club figures and in a separate package. Manufactured by Aldon.


Halsam Products #650

Fencing set

This colorful fencing set was probably of great appeal to would-be swordsmen - and something that would probably not be allowed on the market today. If my memory serves me correctly there was a piece of chalk at the end of each sword to help decide who was the winner.

Lido playset

Lido sold two different sizes of these hard rubber figures. Zorro could be placed sitting on Tornado or could also stand on his own.

Marx playset

The famous Marx play set, catalog #3754. One of the Holy Grails of toy collecting, these sets were made of thin pressed metal with plastic figures. A deluxe model came with Tornado's secret cave.

Spanish playset

Released in 1965 during Zorro's syndicated run, this Spanish play set includes a mask, two cuffs, a holster and a picture of Zorro dueling with Monastario.

Target game

Marksmen used plastic darts to hit targets on this metal game from Lido.

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