Onteora staff

Onteora Scout Reservation

1966 Staff List

Name Area Position
Anderson, Mrs. C. F. Health Lodge Registered Nurse
Anderson, Steen Stables Head Wrangler
Anton, Bill Long House Dishwasher
Antos, Tom Trading Post Assistant Director
Aronstamm, Grady North Waterfront Assistant Director
Bailey, Walter Office Assistant Business Manager
Barber, Herb Long House Food Handler
Barlet, Peter South Waterfront  
Bartlett, Jesse Council House Heater Stacks
Barto, Richard Bobcat Woodslore
Bisogno, Vito Trading Post Director
Bligh, Thomas J. Bobcat Program Commissioner
Brady, John Otter Woodslore
Bratton, Deryck Council House Dishwasher
Bratton, Marshall Council House First Cook
Brenner, Michael Maintenance  
Brown, Robert North Waterfront  
Burgos, Ramon (Ray) North Waterfront  
Cancro, Robert Chiefs Cam Director
Catalano, Dominic Stables Assistant Chief Wrangler
Conde, Andrew Stables Wrangler
Coyle, James Jr. Council House Second Cook
Dietrich, Doug Adirondack Canoe Trip Assistant Director
Dietrich, Roger North Waterfront
Domitz, Robert Council House Dishwasher
Donaghy, William Jr. Trading Post
Donaghy, William Sr. Ranger  
Donald, William Alder Lake Director
Dunn, William South Waterfront
Ebel, Charles Teddy Roosevelt Woodlore
Fasullo, Michael Jr. Staff Training & Delaware Canoe Director
Faughnan, Charles Office Clerk
Feaster, Steve North Waterfront Director
Fesselmeyer, Eric South Waterfront  
Flanagan, John Long House Heater Stacks
Foster, Ralph Assistant Camp Director  
Fowler, Wayne Junior Leader Training Camp Assistant Scoutmaster
Frick, Gebhard International Relations Director
Garcia, Joseph Council House Steward
Guili, Dominic (Teaco) Long House Chef
Haldeman, Thomas Tribes Camp Director
Hammond, James Council House Chef
Hanson, William Lynx Program Commissioner
Heiberg, Donald Office Clerk
Heim, Kenneth Director of Camping  
Heinz, Mike Adirondack Canoe Trip Director
Hoffman, Stephen Health Lodge Assistant 
Johnston, Peter Otter Woodslore
Jones, Walter L. Long House Dishwasher
Kebe, Carlos Health Lodge Orderly
Kelly, Mike Bakery Baker's Assistant
Kollar, Richard North Waterfront
Koutnik, Gary James E. West Woodslore
Krauss, John Office Bookkeeper
Krauss, J. Edward Program Assistant Camp Director
Krauss, John Office Manager
Krumm, William Stables Wrangler
Lehmann, Larry Council House Food Handler
Licitra, Mike Council House Food Handler
Light, Kenneth Bobcat Woodslore
Lothner, Marc North Waterfront
Lyke, Ron Long House Steward
Mahland, Walter Staff Training & Delaware Canoe Assistant Director
Marshall, John Jr. South Waterfront  
Matthews, Peter South Waterfront Director
Maynes, Gordon Commissary Assistant Director
Montgomery, Paul Otter Woodslore
Muntz, Robert Office Assistant Business Manager
Nelson, Dale Council House Dishwasher
Noguere, Philip Conservation Director
Oldmixon, Bob Office Business Manager/Commissary Director
Pearles, Bob Jr. Otter Program Commissioner
Piastra, John Council House Third Cook
Plate, Paul Bakery Baker's Assistant
Pugh, Paul South Waterfront  
Richards, Timothy Long House Third Cook
Rieger, Robert Long House Dishwasher
Robb, Roger Teddy Roosevelt Program Commissioner
Rudolph, Robert James E. West Woodslore
Ruiz, Charles Junior Leader Training Camp Senior Patrol Leader
Salerno, Tony Commissary Store Director
Schei, Kasper (Cap) Bakery Baker
Schleske, Dan Long House Food Handler
Schleske, Jim Lynx Woodslore
Sherwin, Barry North Waterfront  
Shields, Brad Dan Beard Woodslore
Shull, David Council House Heater Stacks
Somerville, Bill Trading Post & Country Store
South, Kenneth JLTC Scoutmaster
Sparling, Bob South Waterfront Assistant Director
Steeg, Kenneth Commissary Store Assistant Director
Steward, Ellery C. Council House Heater Stacks Director
Stickland, Eric Long House Heater Stacks Director
Toolan, James Stables Wrangler
Tschampion, Ed Long House Country Store Director
Troy, Lawrence Maintenance Assistant Director
Tuttle, Earl Council House Country Store Director
Tuttle, Leland Maintenance Handyman
Van Tassell, James James E. West Program Commissioner
Voorneveld, Bob Dan Beard Program Commissioner
Williamson, Bruce Dan Beard Woodslore
Wright, Donald Lynx Woodslore
Wulle, John Trading Post

Staff Banquet


        "A Slide Around Onteora"
A Word from Mr. Heim


Relish Tray - Hot Rolls & Butter
Fresh Fruit Cocktail
French Onion Soup
Chef's Salad
Roast Turkey with Dressing
Cranberry Sauce
Baked Potatoes - Garden Green Peas
Apple Pie a la Mode
Coffee - Tea - Milk

Information taken from the Staff Banquet booklet for 1966. The banquet was held August 28, 1966 at the Antrim Lodge, Roscoe, New York.