Miscellaneous Information

Canoe Trips on the Delaware River

In addition to the session-long canoe trips operated as stand-alone programs Onteora also offered a program for troops who wanted to take a short trip down the nearby Delaware River. The troops were responsible for arranging their own transportation, as outlined in this 1972 instruction sheet.



I. Route

Due to safety and transportation available the camp will suggest that a unit take only the following trip:

Long Eddy to Callicoon - 12 miles

A rather easy day with water being moderately calm, which allows scouts to become familiar with river paddling. There are two small rapids between Hancock and the lunch stop at Long Eddy. It takes approx. 3-1/2 hours to arrive here from Hancock. After lunch in Long Eddy, the water is interspersed with small rapids, ruffles and pools, which are easily navigable. The group will arrive in Callicoon approx. 2-1/2 hours later. Camping is a small peninsula at the junction of the Delaware and Callicoon Creek. There is no fee here, and is state owned grounds. Wood is plentiful and water may be obtained from the Upper Delaware Camp Grounds, which is approx. 1/4 mile from the campsite. At night after supper and clean up, you may go into town and take in a movie or visit the local custard stand, or soda fountain. The next day may be spent swimming or in other camping activities. The pickup point is just down the river from the pride on the New York side of the river.

II. Suggested Troop Equipment:

1-Life Jacket/boy 1-1st Aid Kit (waterproof)
1-Paddle per boy 1-100ft. length 1/4" line
1-canoe for every 2 boys 1-Bailing bucket per boy
1-water jug/patrol 1-Tent/2 boys
1-cookkit/patrol 1-saw

III. Transportation

    A. The camp bus will only be available for out of camp canoe trips. Reservations for use of the bus must be made through your camp director.
    B. The bus will only be available when the camp driver is available.
    C. The cost for the bus will be 40 cents a mile.
    D. One leader must accompany the scouts riding the camp bus.
    E. Due to scheduling difficulties-all trips must be one day trips.

IV. Training

    A. The instruction will be given by the waterfront at which the troop normally participates.
    B. Canoe Instruction Sessions
        1. A "briefing" period consisting of the waterfront director, scoutmaster, and the senior patrol leader.
        2. A briefing period consisting of the waterfront director and the scoutmaster.
        3. Stroke instruction and safety procedures will be given in a three hour session by the waterfront.
        4. A test will be given by the waterfront director, and they will have the final word whether a troop is ready or able to go on an out of camp canoe trip.
        5. Training procedure will be outlined by the waterfront director.

V. Outfitting

    Due to the shortage of equipment the camp is unable to provide life jackets and paddles. To allow your troop to go on an out of camp canoe trip, we would suggest you contact a private livery to suit your outfitting needs. Some of the outfitters in this area are:

        Bob Lander's Canoe Livery
        Narrowsburg, Few York 12764

        Jerry's Canoe Rentals
        Pond Eddy, New York
        Barryville 956-2056

    Each troop will be responsible for contacting and making arrangements with the livery themselves.

VI. Some Reservation Rules

    A. One leader (over 21) must accompany the troop on the river. There must also be one leader remaining in the campsite if any boy remains behind. The reservation will in no way assure responsibility for supervising boys remaining behind and no Staff man has the authority to assume such responsibility.
    B. Boys must have swimming standards suitable to the waterfront directors demands.
    C. Life jackets must be worn at all times when on the water.
    D. The troop must conduct a safe swim under waterfront supervision.

Note: This form is from 1972 and is not current. The camp does not currently operate the canoe trip program described, so don't blame me if the bus isn't available!