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Although Alder Lake was only in operation for a few years, a number of items were produced for sale at the Trading Post. They are relatively hard to find, especially as campers had to hike over from Onteora to get them. Most hikers probably spent their money on a cold soda instead of a patch or coffee mug!

Here are the items found so far.


Coffee Mug

This plastic cup from 1973 lists all three of the Council's camps.

Neckerchief slide (19495 bytes)

This little shoe is actually a neckerchief slide!

These slides, which were sold only at the Alder Lake Trading Post, have six raised dots to represent nails in the heel. Each of the major hiking trails at Onteora were named after colors, such as the Blue Trail or Red Trail, and were marked by painted tin can lids along the way. Hikers would paint the appropriate color on this slide after each hike, showing how many of the trails they had completed.



1972 Staff


Undated - 1974


The first known patch for
Alder Lake.

A joint issue for Onteora, Wauwepex and Alder Lake.


That's it so far, but I'm always looking for more Alder Lake material. If you have anything to sell or trade, please let me know.

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