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The three pictures below were purchased in one lot on eBay. The top one is definitely a very early picture of Alder Lake. The others are from the same vintage and are most likely photos of Alder Lake as well. 

Early 1900s view of Alder Lake

The caption on the reverse side reads:
Alder Lake
Farm House & Barn
Fish Hatchery
Probable early 1900s view of Alder Lake with rail line
A railroad track can be seen in the foreground of this shot. Samuel Coykendall, who developed the property as a vacation retreat, was a railroad magnate and had a private line extended to the property for the convenience of his guests.
Probable early 1900s view of lodge at Alder Lake
I believe that's the Alder Lake Manor House visible through the trees.

Here are some other pictures of Alder Lake.

From Greg Furness:

Back in '67 when I was Alder Lake Director, there were a few copies of
a limited edition book around, put out by the private club that owned the Lake prior to the Scouts: "Alder Lake: A Symposium of Nostalgic and Natural Observations", by Joshua Gerow. Liberty, NY; Fuelane Press 1953.

Copies of this book show up from time to time at book dealers or on eBay. Be prepared to pay a hefty price if you want one. I was able to get a copy and will post more material from it in the future.

Sketch of lodge at Alder Lake
This is a picture from the book, courtesy of Greg Furness.
Alder Lake Lodge, 1967, courtesy of Greg Furness. Alder Lake manor house, 1967
Alder Lake Trading Post building 1967, courtesy of Greg Furness. Alder Lake Trading Post, 1967
A 1969 view of the lawn in front of the lodge, taken from a boat in the lake. The lodge can be seen hidden in the shadows. Alder Lake, 1969

You can also click here for some pictures from 1966.

Those are the only pictures I have found so far of Alder Lake in operation. Please let me know if you have any others to share.

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