The Order of the Arrow:
Buckskin Lodge 412


During my years of Scouting I was honored to have been inducted into The Order of The Arrow during a ceremony at Onteora. Buckskin Lodge was a very active lodge, with numerous service weekends and other events throughout the year. The Lodge was very supportive of Onteora and sponsored a number of events there.

Things generally began with a Spring weekend at the camp each year, with members beginning the process of  getting it ready for the hordes of campers soon to arrive. Crews set out on a variety of projects, including road grading, tent platform repairs and restringing electrical and telephone wires downed over the Winter. While these weekends were a lot of work, they were also a lot of fun, for those on the camp staff were all looking forward to the upcoming Summer. In the Fall, another service weekend was held to help button the camp up for the Winter.

After a long day of work, dinner was served Saturday night in the Council House, and a business meeting conducted. Those meetings were interesting, for despite the best efforts of the Lodge Chiefs to follow Roberts Rules of Order, things tended to get sillier as the night went on. This is a picture from one of the Fall weekends, with everyone on their best behavior, at least temporarily. That's Lodge Chief Don Heiberg sitting behind the pumpkin, circa 1968. Can anyone identify anyone else in the picture?

During the Summer, the Lodge conducted tap-out sessions for the new Ordeal candidates and ceremonies for new Brotherhood and Vigil members. The tap-outs were generally conducted as part of the camp bonfire and Indian dance ceremonies in the amphitheater, which helped to set the mood for both the honorees and watching Scouts.

I met many friends through Buckskin Lodge and am glad to hear that it continues to serve the Council today.


Don Heiberg conducts OA meeting (63254 bytes)
Buckskin Lodge meeting at Onteora - 1968

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