Camp Wauwepex/Schiff Scout Reservation
Cub Scout Patches

Cub Scout patches - Camp Wauwepex has been used for many Cub Scout functions over the years. Some of the patches list the camp by name, either as Camp Wauwepex or Schiff Scout Reservation, while others do not.

ncc70.jpg (10505 bytes)
Webelos/Scout Weekend at Wauwepex, 1970

Cub-Dad Weekend 1973

Webelos-Dad Campout 1974

Cub-Dad Weekend 1976

Cub-Dad Weekend 1977

Cub-Dad Weekend 1978

Webelos Scout Camp
Probably 1978

Cub-Dad Weekend 1979

Webelos Scout Camp 1979

Cub-Dad Weekend 1980
cubdad81.jpg (13498 bytes)
Cub-Dad Weekend 1981
Webelos Summer Camp 1981
cubdad82.jpg (15979 bytes)
Cub-Dad Weekend 1982

Webelos/Dad Overnight 1983

Webelos Scout Camp 1983
daycamp84.jpg (16467 bytes)
Day Camp 1984
daycamp85.jpg (16893 bytes)
The 1985 version of the Day Camp patch commemorated the 75th anniversary of Scouting.
cubdad85.jpg (20915 bytes)
Cub-Dad Weekend 1985

Cub-Dad Weekend 1986

Cub-Dad Weekend 1987

Day Camp 1987

Webelos/Dad Weekend 1988

Cub-Dad Weekend 1989

Day Camp 1989

Cub-Dad Weekend 1990

Cub-Parent Weekend 1991

Adventure Camp 1993

Cub-Parent Weekend 1993

Day Camp 1993

Cub World 1994

Cub World 1994

Day Camp 1995

Cub-Parent Weekend 1995

Webelos Weekend 1995

Adventure Camp 1995

Cub World 1995

Cub World 1997
Un-issued prototype

Day Camp 1997

Cub Parent Weekend 1997

Adventure Camp 1997

Cub World 19'98 Sticker

Cub Parent Weekend 1998

Day Camp 1998

Undated Cub World

Undated Day Camp

Cub World Circus 1999

Cub World Circus 1999
This version was never issued as the fleur de lis design had been omitted in error.

Day Camp 2000

Cub-Parent Weekend 2000

Cub-Parent Weekend 2001

Cub World 2001

Cub-Parent Weekend 2002

Cub World 2002

Cub-Parent Weekend
Webelos Woods

Cub-Parent Weekend 2004
Day Camp 2004

Cub-Parent Weekend 2005

Cub-Parent Weekend 2006

Day Camp 2006

Wauwepex Webelos Camp 2006

Webelos Woods 2006

Webelos Camp 2007

Cub-Parent Weekend 2007

Cub-Parent Weekend 2007
Error - wrong color

Cub Day Camp 2007

Cub World 2008
Cub-Parent Weekend 2009
Cub-Parent Weekend
2011 - 3 versions
Pow Wow Under
the Big Top

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My sincere thanks to Bob Podewils and Art Noble for the donation of several patches and the scans of others for use on this site.