Onteora Scout Reservation Patches

There are less patches for this decade due to the years the camp was closed.


This great jacket patch was issued in 1994 to commemorate a very important event - the re-opening of Onteora as a summer camp! I was thrilled to see my old unit, Troop 182, as one of the groups carrying on such a wonderful tradition.
osr-maroon.jpg (11985 bytes)
A "temporary" patch from 1994. These were meant for short term wear on the uniform.
osr75big.jpg (43180 bytes)
Jacket patch for Outpost Camp 1995 (undated).
osr95.jpg (30090 bytes)
Smaller jacket patch for Outpost Camp 1995.
osr96.jpg (45026 bytes)
Jacket patch for Outpost Camp 1996.


The classic teepee design from the 1960s makes a welcome return.
osr98.jpg (39921 bytes)
A beautiful jacket patch from 1998.

This is very hard to see, as it's all done in white. It's a view of Onteora in the winter. Issued by Iroquois District for Bluenose 1998.
osr_bobcats.jpg (19693 bytes)
Summer campers could buy the bobcat on the left for their jackets; the white one on the right is only for those hardy enough to camp at OSR in winter. 1998 issues.

1999 jacket patch


First Annual Family Camping Weekend

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My sincere thanks to Jim Kent, Fred Scharf, Art Botzenmayer, Victor Varonier and Art Noble for the donation of several patches and loans of others for use on this site. Thanks also to the anonymous donor of the 1994 OSR jacket patch.