Onteora Scout Reservation
2001 Staff List


Jim Kent
David Barkstedt
David Seus
Glenn Gabbard
Camp Director
Camp Commissioner
Program Director

Kathy Brown - Business/Office Manager
John DDelPietro

JP Latkovic - Co-Director

Mike Kirsch - Assistant Director
Arthur Brandecker
CIT - Brian Hack
CIT - Jon Hausch
CIT - Joseph Mannion
TJ Stebner

Kerin Hulsizer
Nicole Kent
Liz McKeon
Mary Messina

Steve Gershowitz
Steve Kirsch

Blacksmith/Mountain Men
Steve Clark - Director
CIT - Matt Mallay
CIT - Gregory Orlando
CIT - Pawan Rastogi
CIT - Andrew Yberg

Dave Gerace - Director
Dan Black
Joe Golan
Bryan Solomon
Brian Spring
Rob Smith
CIT - Anthony Zero

Camp Room/Field Sports
Anne Silvernail - Director

Dave Czeisel

Tim Callahan - Director

David Cavill

Debra Hansen - Director
Gary Hansen - Assistant Director
Bryan Hagmaier
Pat Murtha

Bernard Zanetti - Director
Ed Robinson, Sr. - Assistant Director
Steve Lewis
CIT - Mazen Marsh
Ed Miller
Marcel Richardson III

Commissioner Staff
Eric Anderson
Bob Batchelor
Mark Brophy
Les Cox
Brian Issing
Peggy King
Don Smith

Ken Guarino - Director
Michael DelPietro

Craft Lodge
Carol Martino - Director
Greg Benoit
Adam Fried
Adam Gellender
Lynda Goldman
Brian Messina

Dan Beard
Jack Keenan - Director
Chris Bertch
Rick Miller
Frank Zero

Emergency Prep. & First Aid
Bob Pollack - Director
Dominic Kent
Charles Nerko, Jr.
Alice-Marie Tucker

Health Lodge
Frank Messina - Director
CIT - Tim Burkard
Artie Goldman
Marta Kane
Mike Kent

High Adventure
Steve Gershowitz - Director
Geoffrey Short
Alan Music

Indian Village
Dave Welsh - Director
John Gherlone, Jr.
Jeanine Welsh
Chris Weickowski

Mountain Bike
Anthony Testa - Director
Gregory Nordquist

Kevin Kerrigan - Director
Pat Callahan
CIT - Russell Nolan
CIT - Jennifer Paul
Matt Steiner

Faun Gaurino - Director

Order of the Arrow
Gary Hansen - Advisor
Adam Nadel - Coordinator
Chris Wieckowski - Ceremonial

Provisional Troop
Bill Fryer - SM
Bob Adams - SM
Charles Nerko, Sr. - ASM

Rick Balla - Director
Al Ehl - Driver Extraordinaire
Matt Hathaway
Dick & Kate Horn - OSR Telephone Company
Tom Kane
Amos Rosenstein
Ken Tucker

Ranger Staff
Ed Flanagan - Assistant Ranger
Victor Varonier - Assistant Ranger

Special Services
Lynn Nolan - Director
Valerie Varonier

Shooting Sports
Joe Laratondo - Director
Dave McCredo, Jr. - Asst. Director
CIT - Seth Fox
Adam Nadel
Chuck Perrone
Ed Robinson, Jr.
Charlie Sadler
Mark Steiner

Trading Post
Danny Osnato - Director
CIT - Meghan Burke
Chris Kirsch
Ursula Valentine

Weekender Crew
Carl Gullans
Anthony Polizzi
Janice Pomerico
Ray Pomerico
Steve Silvernail

Wilderness Survival
Steve Kane - Director
CIT - Matt Emma
CIT - Joe Giordino
CIT - Andrew Kosick
CIT - Myles McKeon

Council Office
Trip McMillan - Scout Executive
Joseph Kalamar - Assistant Scout Executive



Slide Show
Camp Director's Minute


Garden Salad
Hot Pasta Salad
Meat Lasagna
Lemon Chicken
Stir Fry Vegetable Rice
Chicken Fingers for the Young 'uns

The Land in the Sky

Time has not changed the spirit at this place we call,
"The Land in the Sky."

It dwells all over the camp.
From a canoe slicing through the lake,
To crackling campfires under the star-filled sky.
From the gleam in the eye of a first-time camper,
To the sweat on a staff member's brow.

No one can quite put it into the right words.
We all know it is there and we treasure it,
and keep it close to our hearts.

-submitted by Victor Varonier

Crazy Little Thing Called Camp

This thing called camp
Staff just can't handle it.
It's full of mud
And it smells like a pile of -
We're not ready - crazy little things called camp.

The color pink
is being overused
And Mr. Kent
says he is not amused
But we love it, crazy little thing called camp.

There goes Messina
He knows how to treat the ill
There goes Rick Balla
He never stands still ... needs those sleepin' pills.

Tim and Pat Callahan
Have lots of adoring fans
The cans of Pepsi ... for Darkside
are piling up about a mile high
That's why we love it - crazy little thing called camp.

There goes Dave Gerace
And his Catholic schoolgirl hair
There goes Glenn Gabbard
and Matt Hathaway - fightin' like a married pair

The words on the rack truck are a mystery
Does it say diesel? Or does it say gasoline?
That's why we love it, crazy little thing called camp.

This thing called camp
Staff just can't handle it.
It's full of mud
And it smells like a pile of -
We're not ready - crazy little thing called camp.

-submitted by Amos Rosenstein & Keri Hulsizer (with guest lyricist Brian Issing)

2001 - Onteora: A Spaced Oddity

Uncle Herman, and Dear Aunt Dora,
Well I'm back at, ONTEORA.
Things are different and out of order,
especially way down over by the water.

But I've come home, oh Aunt and Uncle
It's my home, Dear Aunt and Uncle,
And I want to stay
Until my dying day.

Our Camp Director, he's a he-man.
He's a real man, He's the key man.
He's always with us, he'll never fail.
How come he wears an earring and a pony tail?

The Program Director, is David Seus,
from an institution, he just got loose.
He treats the staff, really mean.
That's why they put poison ivy in his latrine.

Now there's Darkside, who has a Council ring.
Teaches native dancing, and all those other things.
He's kind of scary, he's kind of creepy,
but I've heard he wears a tutu in his tee-pee.

There's a commissioner with just 9 fingers.
Over breakfast, he never lingers.
He's always rushing, he's really fast.
Too bad he can't tell his diesel from his gas!

It's getting late now,
I have to go.
I think it's starting to snow.
There's just one more thing that's really scary,
our new cook looks just like Typhoid Mary.

-submitted by Bob Pollack

Why Oh Why?

Why does the rain make us so chilly?
Why is the mud so slippery?
Why is it uphill where-e're you go?
Why does Onteora's rack truck need a tow'?

Because our knee socks don't cover our knees,
Because our sandals can't scale the trees,
Because we call it the land in the sky,
Because with no diesel, the rack truck will die!

- submitted by Tim and Faun Guarino