Onteora Scout Reservation
1965 Staff List

Name Position

Alderson, Alan

Country Store
Anderson, Constance F. Camp Nurse
Anderson, Steen Wrangler
Antos, Thomas Trading Post
Arbona, Pete Food Handler - LH
Aronstamm, Grady Waterfront
Artus, Fred Waterfront Director
Backilman, Larry Conservation
Bailey, Walt Commissary Clerk
Ballon, Jeff Jewish Chaplain
Barber, Herb Dishwasher - LH
Biasi, Pete Steward - CH
Bisogno, Vito Trading Post Director
Black, Larry Dishwasher
Bond, Clint Maintenance
Brauchler, Rolf Food Handler - LH
Brower, Charles Third Cook - CH
Bush, John Jay Woodslore
Cancro, Bob J.L.T.C. Scoutmaster
Carron, Father Don Catholic Chaplain
Choate, Bob Program Commissioner
Coyle, Jim Food Handler - CH
Degnan, Al Chiefs Director
Dick, Bob Woodslore
Dineen, Scott Waterfront
Donaghy, William Jr. Store - CH
Donaghy, William Sr. Ranger
Dunn, Bill Waterfront
Etringer, Walt Woodslore
Fasullo, Mike Explorer Director
Feaster, Steve Waterfront
Fesselmeyer, Eric Waterfront
Foster, Ralph Special Events
Fowler, Wayne J.L.T.C. S.P.L.
Freebody, Jim Waterfront
Furness, Greg Woodslore
Gilmartin, Ed Reservation Director
Goldstein, Mark Woodslore
Hafner, Roy Store Director
Haldeman, Tom  
Hammond, Jimmy Chef - CH
Hanson, Bill Program Commissioner
Haygood, Bill Program Commissioner
Heim, Kenneth Director of Camping
Henggler, Bob Adirondack Canoe Trip
Hennessy, Tom Waterfront Director
Herring, Willie 2nd Cook - CH
Herrington, Jim Protestant Chaplain
Hoffman, Steve Health Lodge
Jacobs, Pete
Kelly, Michael Office
Kenneally, Vincent Food Handler - CH
Kollar, Richard Waterfront
Krauss, John Office
Lacey, John Alder Lake
La Salle, Rich Woodslore
Lehmann, Larry Dishwasher - LH
Licitra, Mike Baker's Helper
Lothner, Marc Waterfront
Lyke, Ron Steward - LH
Mahland, Walter Explorer Assistant
Marshall, John Waterfront
Matthews, Pete Adirondack Canoe Trip Director
Maynes, Gordon Heater Stack Director - LH
McAuley, Dennis Dishwasher - CH
Montgomery, Paul Woodslore
Muntz, Robert Office Manager
Nelson, Rick Food Handler - LH
Noguere, Phil Conservation Director
Oldmixon, Bob Business Manager/Commissary Director
Owens, Jim 1st Cook - LH
Parsons, Craig Waterfront
Pearles, Robert Woodslore
Plate, Paul Dishwasher
Pugh, Paul Waterfront
Record, Jim Field Sports Director
Rickerich, Craig Store - LH
Richmond, Merritt Conservation
Robb, Roger Woodslore
Rondeau, Joe Heater Stacks - LH
Russo, Art Wrangler
Rykowski, Stan Swing Man - CH
Schei, Kap Baker
Schleske, Dan Swingman - LH
Schleske, Jim Woodslore
Sherwin, Barry Heater Stacks - CH
Smith, Jim Heater Stacks - LH
South, Ken J.L.T.C. - A.S.M.
Sparling, Bob Waterfront
Speidel, Bob Food Handler - CH
Stickland, Eric Heater Stacks - CH
Tauber, Rich Assistant Business Manager
Taylor, Jeff Program Commissioner
Tobin, John Tribes Director
Troy, Larry Assistant Director of Maintenance
Tschampion, Chuck Assistant Business Manager
Tschampion, Ed Store Director
Tuttle, Earl Trading Post
Tuttle, Leland Handyman
Van Ness, Bill Wrangler
Van Tassel, Jim Program Commissioner
Voorneveld, Bob Woodslore Director
Ward, Bill Alder Lake Director
Westerberg, Ken Food Handler - CH
Wieboldt, Warren Heater Stacks Director - CH
Wilson, George Program Commissioner
Wilson, Mrs. D. Camp Nurse
Witheral, Carl Head Wrangler
Wright, Donald Woodslore

Staff Banquet


A Special Song
"A Letter"
"The Staff Makes the Scene"
A Message from the Reservation Director
A Word from Mr. Heim


Relish Tray
Fresh Fruit Cup
Tossed Salad
Roast Turkey with dressing
Cranberry Sauce
Baked Sweet Potatoes - Peas
Cherry Pie a la Mode
Coffee - Tea - Milk

Information taken from the Staff Banquet booklet for 1965.