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Onteora Scout Reservation
Postcards - 1970s

While the majority of the postcards were released in the 1960s, there were several cards issued in the 1970s. Brian Issing was kind enough to share one with me. Here's a description he sent me along with the card:

Rifle Range postcardI have a postcard of the rifle range first issued in 1978. The range first opened in 1977. If you look closely you can see me crouching down instructing a Scout.(I was the aide on the range that Summer. The director was Howie Kudler and the assistant director was Bob Courtlangus.) It was taken in 1977, the first year that the building was in operation and the second year that the rifle range as a program area was in operation. It was first issued in 1978. The back reads 'Onteora Scout Reservation - Livingston Manor, NY 12758 - Onteora, "The Land in the Sky" is owned and operated by the Nassau County Council, B.S.A. The Rifle Range at Onteora is extremely popular with the thousands of Scouts who attend camp each year. It's always "safety first" at the range, which is directed by an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor.' By the way...all of the above was true.

Rifle Range photoBrian also sent along another photo and an interesting OSR memory: Attached is a photo of the 1982 Rifle and Shotgun Range staff. It includes (L to R) Ference DeSzalay as the aide, Brian D. Issing as the Director and Douglas A. Davis as the Ass't Director. In your message you recounted an episode of danger when you were running skeet. During my first year on staff (1977) and the first year for the shotgun range, the Ass't Range Director was Bob Courtlangus (who is currently on the council staff). He was the only one allowed to run the shotgun program. Well one day he had to go back to LI for a funeral so I was placed in charge. During my one day tenure running shotgun a tiny 11 year old Scout was on the stand. He could hardly hold the gun. So when he pulled the trigger, the butt dropped down under his armpit, the hammer went forward and his face came in contact with the moving hammer putting a gash on his cheek. I took him to the HL and luckily he did not require stitches.

Now scan ahead 3 months. I'm introduced to a woman at a party at a friends house. We arrange a date. I go to her house to meet her family and who comes down the stairs but this kid with the scar on his face. He recognizes me, I recall his last name and I meet her parents.

In the end, it was OK. We even dated for a year. But in the end, it's a story that I'll never forget.

Artcraft card - Waterfront
Route 1, Box 261
Livingston Manor, NY 12758
Owned and operated by Nassau County Council, Boy Scouts of America. Summer fun and adventure, including Swimming, Boating, Canoeing, Sailing, and Challenge.

Published by Artvue Post Card Co.
(Circa 1978)
Dexter Press card #10753-B
(Caption unavailable. This card shows a flag ceremony on the Parade Ground. The staff members are, from left to right: E. Kent Kuchler, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Bob Courtlangus, unidentified.)

Published by Artvue Post Card Co.
(Circa 1978)


(Thanks to Stan Lipson for the scan.)

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