Day 24 - Monday, 8/21/67

Part 2

The end of the trail

The end of the trail

Or was it the beginning? I can't remember if we had our picture taken before or after our hike. I think that's John Krob in-between John Tobin and Harold Snedeker, and Jim Mokri to the other side of Snedeker.

Proof that I made it!!

Proof that I made it!!

Abe entertains us

"Abe" entertains us

This might show why Harold Snedeker told everyone to call him "Abe". He could have starred in a film about Abe Lincoln by the time we got off the trail.

Philmont pocket patch

That night, we were awarded our patches and certificates showing we had survived Philmont. This patch was only given to those completing the hike, and could not be purchased in the Trading Post. It was a thrill to get it.

Philmont bull

I think this poor guy is made out of felt, and the moths seem to have had a bite or two over the years. These were later sewn on our official red Scout jackets.


Looks pretty good for such an old patch, doesn't it? Well, that's because this is a newer copy. I still have my original one, which is still sewn on that old backpack I hauled through Philmont. I don't do much hiking these days, but if I ever do get back to Philmont I have the pack and frame to do it with.

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